Hosting an event in Dubai?!! -Then you need an event permit from Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). As per Dubai Government decree no. 25 of 2013 events in category of sport, entertainment, business, fashion, art, culture, ticketed or non-ticketed, require a DTCM permit. Here is a guide of how to set up your event with DTCM and get ready to sell tickets with Platinumlist. Alternatively you can use our Express E-Permit application services to save time.

1.The organizer must have a trade license from Dubai with specific activity depend on event's type
To hold an Entertainment event, you will need to have "Parties & Entertainment Services" included in your company trade license.
1.2 For Business events you will need to have "Conference Management and Exhibitions Organizing" activity in your trade license.

2. Create an account on Dubai e-permit portal
Go to 

2.2 Click register for an account, Accept T&C and press Continue application.

2.3 Select "Organizer". Fill in the fields, note that some details must be in Arabic.

2.4 Click add new.

2.5 Fill in the contact details of authorized person from company that (s)he will use the system. Click “continue”, then click “continue application”.

2.6 Upload a scan of your UAE trade license, authorized person Emirates ID copy and NOC to DTCM from your company stating that the company has no objection for the authorized person to register the company on e-permit, then click “Continue application”

2.7 Select the location of your office (must be in Dubai) and click “Continue application”. Make sure to allow the browser to identify your location once prompted.

2.8 On the next page review your application then press “submit”.

You will receive submission confirmation email with your record number. The approval process usually takes 2 working days but might take longer. Once approved your account becomes active and you may log in and start applying for e-permit.

3. Applying for e-permit

3.1 Check that you have all the documents required mentioned below to apply. In this case we are applying for simple entertainment event with tickets.

a. No objection letter from the venue (on letterhead signed and stamped)

b. Event organizer/owner passport copy and contact details.

c. Passport copy of each performer (must be clear and in colour)

d. Passport size photo of each performer (must be clear and in colour)

e. Contact details )email and phone number( of each performer or artist’s manager.

3.2 Go to

Click “Add/Take Action”

3.3 Fill in the fields, select “Yes” for ticketed event. (You are required to provide a managers cheque with a value of 10% of all estimated ticket revenue.

3.4 Click “Add activity” and select the type of event.

3.5 Select venue type and classification, venue, sub venue, event start/end date time. Warning!! if your event is one day but finishes after midnight be sure to choose the same date in “event date time” and “event start time” even though the event actually ends the next day.
For example: if the event starts at 19:00 10th Oct 2017 and ends 03:00 11th Oct 2017 the date should be the same for the start and the end (10th Oct), but the timing will be 19:00 for the start and 03:00 for the end.

3.6 Add the details of the event Manager.

3.7 Add participants’ information. A participant is the person that will be performing on stage. This does not need to include event staff, only the performers who will go on the stage e.g. Singers, Musicians, Dancers, DJs etc.

Note: its advised to click on “Save and resume later” button before and after adding participants. In case submission crashes you can find saved applications in the home page in saved section.

3.8 On the next page upload required documents.

Click “Continue Application”

3.9 On the next page review the information correctly if needed then click “Continue application”.

3.10 Choose pay online and put your card details.

3.11 Once payment has gone through you will receive payment confirmation via email.

The approval process takes from 1-14 days (5-8 working days). Sometimes DTCM will require extra information about your event. You will receive an email with instructions, also you can log into your panel and check missing info section. Once the application is approved you will receive an email with e-permit number or you can download it from issued section by click on record ID. Then you can use the e-permit to apply for e-ticketing.

Applying for E-Ticketing 

Once you receive your E-Permit number and if you would like to sell tickets you need to apply for ticket sales on Dubai E-ticketing system. The application for E-Ticketing must be done via E-Forms service. 

Note: Dubai E-ticketing system does not act as customer facing platform it is only there for the purposes of tracking the ticket sales, TAX collection and Data collection. 

Once you receive E-Ticket codes you will need to contact a locally authorized ticketing company such as Platinumlist to sell your tickets online or at the door. 

Alternatively you can also request Platinumlist to print tickets which you can sell yourself. You may also take advantage of Platinumlist E-Permit Express application

1. As an event organiser, you are required to register your company and representative (P.R.O) to use eForm to submit your future events.
To register your company, please visit: 

The below information and documents are required to complete the registration:
· Valid email address
· Company Trade License ID
· Emirates ID Copy in pdf or image format such as jpg or jpeg
· Company NOC in pdf or image format such as jpg or jpeg (with
reference to P.R.O’s full name, Emirates ID number and email
address) Once you register, a validation email will be sent to you to confirm your email address. Account activations take a maximum of 48 hours to verify the documents and activate the account. 

The registered email address will be notified accordingly.

2. Once your account is approved you can log in eForm. 

New Event Requirements There are some forms and documentations which are required with every new event. 

Before you add your New Event Notification to eForm, you must ensure you have completed the below steps:
· Apply and obtain an ePermit
· Complete a Ticket Fee Form
· Submit a Manager’s Cheque (if applicable)
· Complete a Ticket Printing Form
· Venue NOC
· Urgent Fee Form ( if required) After you obtain the ePermit and complete the above forms, please visit DTCM’s cashier to: 

* Submit the Manager’s cheque along with Ticket Fee Form 

* Pay Ticket Printing Fee if required 

* Pay Urgent Fee if required. 

(If you require ticket codes to be set up sooner, in 2 working days, you can pay urgent fees. First download and fill the Urgent Fee Form that can be found at home page of E-Forms service. You must pay directly at DTCM offices to cashier weekdays 8:00am till 4:00pm. Don’t forget to bring the Urgent fee form. Once paid you will receive urgent fee receipt. Then upload urgent fee receipt and urgent fee form on attachments section. 

The permit number is unique and therefore represents the reference for your New Event Notification in eForm. It is important to enter the permit number as it appears on the permit.

3. This section of the eForm is where you enter event related information. 

This Tab is divided into 3 sections:
a. Event Information: In this section, you are required to enter the show title and select the year the event takes place
b. Venue Details: In this section, you search and select the venue name where the event takes place from the dropdown menu.
c. Ticket Header Details: This is where you specify what information prints on tickets.

4. Enter details on the ticket in this format and press save and then next.

5. Create ticket categories and set the capacity. A ticket category can be a section in the venue such as General Admission, Gold, VIP etc. 

6. Then create price type for each category by clicking “Add new price type” Select the correct ticketing company selling your tickets for each price type. 

7. Multiple price types can be created for each ticket category. For example adult ticket, or children’s tickets can have different price for same ticket category. You can also set up complimentary price types here. Then press save and next. 

8. On this page enter date and time when the event starts and finishes then press Add. Press save and next.

9. Select the checkbox with the event and enter ticket sales start date and end date. Save and next. 

10. In this case we are applying for a simple Entertainment event, different documents are required based on types of events. 

Minimum mandatory documents are: 

a. DTCM E-Permit.
b. Venue NOC. This letter needs to be issued by the venue on a letter head with mentioned capacity of the venue, name of event, date and time signed and stamped.
c. Ticket fee form. Ticket fee form can be downloaded here. It must ` contain same info as “Categories and prices” section. 

If there is allocated seating there must be a seating plan uploaded in Venue Seating plan. PDF and jpg formats accepted less than 1 MB.
Seating plan must have columns in letters and rows in numbers.
Check I accept and press submit. This process takes 5 working days.
For complex Seated events and Sport events we recommend using Platinumlist Express E-Permit application service.
Attach all the required documents to proceed.

11. Once the form is submitted it cannot be edited. You will receive automatic email confirmation for the submission. During DTCM reviewprocess you might receive email which will require you to revise your data.Once you receive the email of “reset to data entry” application will allow to update the event data.
If the application is successful DTCM will send codes to Platinum list and organiser via email within 2 days or 5 days based of forms submitted. Once platinum list receive the codes your event will published for sales.

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