Welcome to Reports.

Platinumlist's Reporting panel gives you all the essential analytics and data needed to help you build a sound, data-driven strategy to sell more tickets.

In order to access these reports, please note that you must first be granted Organiser Access.

Reports Available:

  • Daily Show Sales Report

  • Traffic Report

  • Channels Report

  • Occupancy

  • Revenue

  • Booking Window

How to check reports:

Go to www.platinumlist.net

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the header search bar. 

Once you land on your event page, click on Manage Tickets. 

From the right side of your Organiser Panel, click on Reports. Make sure to set the start date and the end date of the report you want to see.


The Sales tab you an overview of sales value on each show date.


The Traffic tab data such as Page Visits, Tickets Sold, Conversion Rates, Source and Medium Reports, Campaign Reports, Demographics, Traffic Sources, Referrals.

Your custom tracking links' reports will also appear here, in conjunction with the sum of all your ticket sales referred by other sources.

Learn how to create your own tracking links here.

Other reports under Traffic:

  • Top nationalities - shows the nationality demographics of users who bought tickets

  • Top countries - shows the countries that the visitors’ page came from

  • Card origin - shows the issuing country of the cards used for purchases

  • Traffic sources - shows traffic based on grouped channels sources such as social media, emails, display, organic search and paid search.

  • Top referrals - shows the top websites that referred visitors to your page.

  • Devices - shows the types of devices that were used to visit the event page.


The Channels tab shows the revenue breakdown by channels (online, whitelabel, organiser channels and others)

What are channels?

  • Online - tickets sold through Platinumlist website

  • Online whitelabel - tickets sold through whitelabel sites

  • Platinumlist channels - tickets sold through Platinumlist partner platforms that are selling tickets or referring traffic back to Platinumlist, for example, Liv app

  • Organiser channels - Organiser B2B partners selling tickets through various locations


The Occupancy shows tab the number of tickets purchased over total capacity per day, in a calendar format. This feature is applicable for events and attractions with more than 10 dates.

*Click the date on the calendar if you would like to see the occupancy for each time slot, as well as the breakdown between Paid, Complimentary and Reserved Tickets.


The Revenue tab shows daily, weekly and monthly sales. It can be viewed in a line graph or a table format, and can further be broken down into specifics: total orders, paid tickets, complimentary tickets and more informative figures.

The report in the table format allows you to make comparisons between week-on-week or month-on-month sales.

*Click on the dates to see Revenue report by day.

Booking Window

The Booking Window tab shows the window of time between customer purchase date and ticket usage date.

How to export your reports:

To download your reports in a spreadsheet, simply click on Excel located on the right-hand corner of your screen.

To save as a PDF, click on Print. You will see a preview of the document to be printed. After this, launch the Print command on your computer.

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