The default currency of the user will be based on his/her location.

For example, users booking tickets from Saudi Arabia will see their currency as SAR or Saudi Arabian Riyal, or users booking tickets from the UAE will see their currency as UAE by default.

Here are the available currencies for your purchase on Platinumlist:

  • USD (United States Dollar)

  • EUR (European Euro)

  • AED (UAE Dirham)

  • SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal)

  • KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar)

  • OMR (Omani Riyal)

  • PHP (Philippine Peso)

How to change or select a currency:

On Mobile:

Click on the "P" icon on the leftmost to see a variety of options. Click the last option to select your currency of choice

On Desktop:

Simply click the drop-down menu on the rightmost part of your screen to load all available currencies, select your currency of choice and the prices will be automatically updated.

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