Platinumlist has introduced a new module allowing organisers to customise transactional emails sent to their customers. Emails that fall under this category are as follows: 

  1. E-ticket Confirmation Email - This email is sent every after a customer completes a purchase, the e-tickets are attached to this email as well. 

  2. Pre-event Reminder Email - This email is sent prior to the event and is very useful for sending final information to customers such as venue, timings, parking information and other important reminders. 

  3. Feedback Email - This email is sent to customers 12 hours after the event has ended. It is used to collect important feedback, opinion and insights from event attendees post event.

How to use the Email Customisation Module?

The Email Customisation Module can be found in your Organiser Dashboard.

Please note that in order to access this dashboard, you must first be granted Organiser's Permission.

Go to

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the event index search bar.

Once you land on your page, click on Manage Tickets.

Once you land on the Organiser Dashboard, click on Email Customisation.

Important: To successfully set up each of your customised emails, there are 2 essentials steps to complete: 

  1. Design your template

  2. Set up email delivery

 Within the Email Customsation Tab, you will see the three different transaction emails.
Note that the default setting uses Platinumlist's default email templates.

I. Designing Your Email Template

To change the template, click on Template, then Add.
Clicking Add will bring you to the Email Editor.

The Email Editor allows you to set up your email. This includes:

  • Setting up Sender Name, "From" Email address, Subjectline, Banner, Email Text

  • Re-ordering the sections of the email

  • Add new email sections such as a secondary banner or additional email text.

To move the email sections, click on the three-dot option on the right side and then click on Move Up, Move Down or Delete sections.

To add sections:

Click on Add New Email Section, and select the block you would like to add:

Once you are satisfied with your design, you can Preview the email, by clicking on Preview.

You can also send an email test, by clicking on Send Test.

Once you're done, click on Save.

II. Setting Up Email Delivery

Once you are done with the template and have saved it, you then need to select this template to be used.

After saving the template, go Back.

To set the delivery of a transactional email, click on Settings.

Then click on the email template selection dropdown field, then select your new template. This template will be applied to the transactional emails of all buyers of the event. 

To set up specific email designs per show or per offer, note that specific templates are required each template assignment. 

Templates can be assigned either to the entire event, specific shows, or specific offers.

Select the corresponding template for specific assignments and click on Add.

Once you are done with this step, then your email is set. 

Setting Up Pre-event Reminder Email

To successfully set up your pre-event reminder, simply follow the 2 essential steps above. 

However, setting an email reminder requires one more essential step: Set up Reminder Interval. This "reminder interval" determines the time and date when your email reminder will be sent out. 

The interval is in hours, hence, if you want the email reminder to be sent 2 days before the event, you should add a reminder interval of 48 hours. 

This means this email reminder will be sent 48 hours before the event begins. By default, Platinumlist sends the email reminder 24 hours before the event.

Setting Up Feedback Emails

By default, Platinumlist template for Feedback emails will be used. However, organisers can always add and remove questions to this existing template. 

To learn how to customise your feedback emails, please visit the Feedbacks Tab.
Full tutorial on how to edit your feedback email can be found here.

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