Promotional Codes or Promo Codes are combinations of characters, often alphabets and numbers (Example: CONCERT2020) that customers can use to avail discounts or special offers for a certain event or product, which then encourage customers to purchase a ticket.

Benefits of using Promo Codes

1. It is an added value to your product or service.
2. Promo Codes that are open to public are easily shareable.
3. Customers love discounts!
4. Promo Code options are almost endless, you just have to be creative.
5. Customers will feel valued.
6. It boosts conversions 🚀
7. It is easily trackable.

How to Activate Promo Codes?

1. Design your Promotional Structure

First, you need to determine your promotion strategy. Decide which ticket category you'd prefer to be discounted. You can offer discounts for all ticket types, or to some, or even open a special discounted ticket type that is activated only whenever a specific promo code is used.

2. Create your own Promo Code using the Promo Code Creator Tool

You can create your own promo code depending on your promotion strategy. 

Using the Promo Code Creator tool, you will be able to enable, disable, delete and even edit promo codes. 

You will be requested to enter your preferred promo codes or import them from CSV. You can also specify the validity period of you promo code.  

Here are some examples of promo codes and their specific function. Note that you can be as creative as possible in structuring your promotions. :-)

Make sure that your Promo Codes are easy to remember so that the customer will not find it difficult to apply them. 

Limited-Time Offer Codes
Activate special codes to be used by any customer for a short period of time only. This strategy is perfect for giving you event sales' a lift during salary weekend or special holidays and events. 

Early Bird Discount Codes
The idea here is to get the customers buy more as soon as the event goes on sale. Early bird discounts provide customers an opportunity to buy tickets ahead at a lower price.

Exclusive Banking Partner Codes

Banking institutions such as Emirates NBD and Mashreq (Local UAE Banks) usually enter into promotional partnerships with event organisers. The most common way to execute the partnership is through an exchange deal. 

Banks will deploy promotional activities such as newsletters or SMSes, and in exchange, event organisers will allocate discounted tickets for customers who will purchase using a specific credit or debit card enrolled under the banking partner.

Oftentimes, banks also promote the Promo Code to be used through their marketing channels. It is the organisers' responsibility to generate the promo codes and inform the bank. 

Promotional activities such as these are taken care of by the bank's marketing department. 

🎁 Bonus Tip: Generate Reports for specific Promo Codes 🎁
You can easily get a report of the tickets that are purchased using the promo code. On the organiser dashboard, look for Tickets Tab and apply a filter using the specific promo code you want to track. After this, you will be able to see all the tickets and users who bought using the promo code. Export this report and enjoy!

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