What are Pixels?

Marketing pixels, also known as tracking pixels, are snippets of code that allow you to gather information about website visitors such as behavior, ads clicked, conversions, page visited and so much more.

It's very easy to implement tracking pixels or tags on your Platinumlist product page. Any organiser or product owner that has organiser level access can do so.

If you don't have organiser level access, please contact your account manager.

The Steps: Adding tracking pixels to your Platinumlist page

Log in to your account, go to your page and click on Manage Tickets.

From your organiser dashboard, click on "Marketing".

By clicking on "Add new tracking tag", you will be able to implement pixels for Google Ads, Google Analytics, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Select the platform that you would like to install the pixels for.

Key in the details of your tracking pixels. (Each type of pixel requirements will be shown and explained when you hover the mouse on the info tip on each field)

Then, check all the boxes with the events or triggers you want the pixel to track.

When will your pixel fire? Here are the events and triggers that you can track:

  • Event page - when a user lands on the main product page

  • Event select ticket - when a user lands on the ticket selection page

  • Order check out page - when a user initiates check out process

  • Order failed page - when a user lands on order failed page

  • Event hall map page - when a user lands on the seat selection page

  • Customer details - when user initiates customer registration

  • Order confirmed page - when a user lands on Thank You page

*TIP: Most marketers tick all triggers to capture as much information as possible

Finally, click on Create.

Now you will be able to monitor and analyse the results from your respective business manager accounts on each platform.

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