Ticketing sales and revenues are easily accessible via your Organiser Dashboard. 

Please note that in order to access this dashboard, you must first be granted Organiser's Permission.

Go to www.platinumlist.net.

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the event index search bar.

Once you land on your page, click on Manage Tickets.

Then from the tabs, click on Sales.
You will be presented with the summarised figure of your sales. 

After that, click on More Details to see sales per ticket category or ticket group.

If your event or attraction has multiple dates enabled, the sales summary will look like this:

Notice that the status of sales whether it is ENDED, STOPPED or ON SALE is also visible. 

How to Export or Print Online Ticket Sales Report

Once you click More Details, you will also see on the upper right hand corner, options to Print or to export the report to Excel.


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