Printing thermal tickets is commonly done whenever tickets are sold on the door or when there are ticket sales in specific outlets. 

This procedure requires an Organiser Access. Please check with your ticketing manager. 

Now, you are able to print tickets directly from your browser, without having to go through the extra steps of Print Command and Set-up.

How to Print Tickets from Browser

  1. Have your tickets issued

  2. Go to Print

 A. If you are printing from Sale Console:

B. If you are printing after receiving payment via Sale Console:

Some notes to consider: 

  • Printing directly from browser works only in Chrome v61 and higher or Opera v48 and higher. Only for Sale Console. 

  • You should enable "Enabled web printing" in admin (event info). 

  • If you are logged in under a partner company, you need to set up the available templates for a company. 

  • This works for Stimare printers only

  • There will be a new button for orders called "Available templates".

For users who use Windows, you need to install an additional driver. 

Click to install Zadig-2.4

How to install Zadig-2.4:

  1. Run zadig-2.4.exe with admin rights on your laptop

  2. Add printer which starts with KPM

3. Choose WinUSB (v6.v.7600.16385), click on Replace Driver

4. Wait until it is installed, close everything and restart your laptop. 

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