Customise your customer's experience just a little bit more: new customisation options + more updates for you! 

1. We are now on Telegram! 

Yes, now you can get the newest and freshest updates on events, attractions and things to do in one channel!

2. Feedback Editor 

You can now add, edit, move and remove questions from the feedback form sent to customers a day after an event or after they try an attraction.

Ask specific questions that will be valuable for you to gain insights on your events' or attractions' performance. 

You can add your questions in three different languages: English, Arabic and Vietnamese, as well as select between linear scale and text box for the response.

Feedback results can be viewed from the newly-redesigned reports tab as shown here:

3. Customise your registration page

New customisation options: switch of one or all social media log-in options and change the title of the registration page. This allows you to be more flexible and creative when asking your customers to register. 

4. Switch placement of seating map and offers list

If you prefer to display your seating map before the ticket offers list, you can now do so. This feature is useful for events that require the seating map/layout to be highlighted.

5. Toggle between Organiser / Customer View

This feature enables you to switch between viewing your event as an organiser and as a customer. 

6. Additional team restrictions:

Now you can restrict team members from seeing the customer name in orders and tickets tabs, as well as limit access to certain events only. 

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