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There are tons of extremely helpful features Platinumlist has to offer and you may be missing a lot of them! Check them all out at our new and informative product pages. 

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Access Control Application
E-Permit application service
Ticket printing service
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More new features 🚀

1. Samsung Pay now available for all events

Customers can now use Samsung Pay to purchase tickets for any event on the website.

2. Ticket Payments now accepted through Al Ansari Exchange

Customers who prefer to purchase tickets by cash now have more options to do so. Al Ansari Exchange now accepts cash payments for Platinumlist customers. Tickets are reserved online and payments are remitted through Al Ansari Exchange.

3. Changing Events' Privacy and Sales Status now easier

You can now change your events' Privacy and Sales status yourself.
If you choose the Pre-Register mode (to make users register before actual sales start), then “Presale" mode appears, using which you can start selling tickets only to those who registered. You can also open sales quickly by choosing "On Sale" mode.

Once you switch from "Pre-register" mode to "Presale" mode, you can manually send emails to those who subscribed. If you go from "Pre-register" to "On sale", the email will be sent automatically to those who subscribed.

4. Customise text inside drop-down ticket choice box

Now you can customize the text inside the dropdown ticket choice box - e.g. "Choose Seats" instead of "Choose Tickets".

5. Age limit placements now more flexible

Indicating age limits for voucher, as well as removing age limit placements on tickets are now possible.

6. Promo Code field added before ticket selection

Now, the promo code field has been made more visible. Customers can now enter their promo code right away before selecting the ticket to automatically see discounted prices.

7. Switch off 'Print Button' after purchasing a ticket

When the feature can be used: Event organizer wants to sell discounted tickets to Company X employees, who are provided with a special Promocode. After user purchases tickets, he receives a message "You will get your ticket at the door after showing your Employee ID".

Please note that turning off the print button after purchase does not change emails templates, which means that you need to turn off ticket attachment and change email to confirmation email manually. This could be done in admin panel or ticket settings on the website.

You are able to show notices before, after checkout or before printing (for example, operations manager tries to print the ticket and sees a warning "Please, check Emirates ID before printing".

8. Close offers before the show starts

You are now able to close offers automatically before the show starts. 

9. See "Initial Payment Date" and "Last Operation Date"

Initial payment date shows the purchase date of the very first payment for this order (In case several exchanges/transactions took place, it is hard to find the initial payment date without this column).

You can also filter report to find the date of last operation. For example, if you see that order is refunded, last operation date will show when this refund was made.

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