Your landing page has one goal - to lead visitors into purchasing tickets, in one word - conversion. This is the main goal, alongside giving information or introducing your brand or who you are. Conversion is the most important focus of your landing page. 

Did you know? It only takes 10-20 seconds to hold your page visitors' interest. 

Yes, only 10 seconds, maximum 20. That is why it is very important to optimise your landing page so that visitors will be converted into ticket buyers.

How do you optimise your landing page?

1.  Have a clear and concise event or product concept

10-20 seconds is not a lot of time. How you communicate your event and its concept must be clearly understood from the event artwork, event name and description. Events that are hard to figure out and with no clear offering will shy away visitors.

2. Well-designed artworks

Ensure that your artworks are visually appealing but not confusing. One way to keep the clarity of an event's concept is to keep the artwork simple and clear from unnecessary text such as mobile numbers or website addresses. Keep in mind that you can always write your required information on the dedicated space for event description.

Tip: Take advantage of Platinumlist's sliding banners on page, gallery section and embedded video feature to improve your page's content.

3. Write a compelling and easy-to-read copy

We have one rule for a great copy: KISS. Keep It Short and Simple. Highlight only the important USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) of your event, i.e. top performers or key speakers, your product's best offerings and what people can expect. 

Chop your copy into shorter paragraph chunks, this will make it easier to read. Take advantage of Platinumlist's text formatting (eg. bold font and body font) to highlight important points. (You can ask your ticketing manager to do the formatting for you.)

Avoid over-capitalisation or too many punctuation marks and watch out for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Is your page ready?

The structure of Platinumlist's event pages are optimised for conversions, meaning all the elements including banners, buttons, info blocks are carefully positioned in order to increase conversion. 

Ask one of our Marketing team if you have any doubts with your landing page.
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