How to book your flight
Promotion Period: 14.07.2019 to 14.08.2019

Step 1 - Purchase IMG Park ticket under Fly For Free Promotion for AED 299,
Important: Don't Lose your IMG Park Ticket as it contains the redemption code i.e FFF CODE.

Step 2 - Fill Online Application on after 48 hours from ticket purchase.
Enter voucher code, and fill-in name, & email address. Select the departure airport, 3 destinations, 3 travel dates and duration of stay for return flight.
Participant to apply within 21 days after “purchasing” IMG Park ticket.

Step 3 - Alternatively, if you want to travel with your family or friends, you can combine up to 4 Vouchers in one application.
When using Multiple cods on a single application
♦️ The First two codes are fare free ( just pay AED 99 for airport taxes & other related fees),
♦️ The 3rd and 4th codes will be charged at 50% of the fare rate (plus airport taxes & other related fees )

Step 4 - ♦️ Choose your OUTBOUND AIRPORT
♦️ Choose your 3 DESTINATIONS
♦️ Choose your 3 Travel Dates

Step 5 - Your earliest travel date must be at least 45 days away from the date of your application
Your 3 travel dates must be at least 30 calendar days apart from each other.

Step 6 - Validation
Service Provider validates the application & emails link for submission of Proof of Purchase and replies within 7 days after receipt of the online application.

Step 7 - Submission of Proof of Purchase
Participant follows personalized link to upload the Proof of Purchase i.e. IMG Park ticket.
Within 72 hours, you have to click on the link and upload your Park Admission Ticket.

Step 8 - Validation
Service Provider validates the proof of purchase and provides link for uploading travel documents, Within 7 days after receipt of Proof of Purchase.

Step 9 - Submission of Travel Documents
Participant follows personalized link to upload passport and related information of all passengers.
Within 72 hours of provision of the personalized link via e-mail.

Step 10 - Flight Offer
Service Provider offers a flight (out of 3 chosen destinations and 3 chosen dates) to the Participant per e-mail.
Within 14 days after the submission of travel documents.

Step 11 - Flight Offer acceptance
Participant shall confirm acceptance of the flight offer by following the link in email.
The offer needs to be accepted within 48 hours after provision of the offer e-mail.

Step 12 - Payment Link
Within 1 working day, of the Participant accepting the Flight Offer, the Service Provider will then provide a payment link for the Airport taxes (maximum AED 99 per passenger) and payment towards additional passengers, if any.
Payment needs to be completed within 72 Hours.

Step 13 - Flight Ticket issuance
After payment, the E-ticket will be issued.
E-Ticket will be issued within 48 hours of completion of the payment. 

Step 14 - Verification of details
The Participant to advise the Service Provider of any errors on the Flight Ticket.
The Participant will have 24 hours from the time the E-Ticket is issued.

You are ready to fly now!

Please ensure to follow the guidelines and Terms and conditions of the website
For More info Please contact our call center on 600500962


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