About The Rotunda Dubai

Housed in a distinctive circular dome inspired by Rome's famous Pantheon, the intimate 500-seat-360-degree viewing venue is a temple to awe-inspiring live acts and impressive shows.

The Rotunda Dubai – a dedicated entertainment destination within Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, offers you iconic hospitality and world class dining options, with unlimited free parking and unparalleled views of the Arabian Sea.


"WOW", the award-winning show will kick-off its international tour in Dubai on 11th of February '19 at The Rotunda – a dedicated entertainment destination within Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai, for a limited six-week run.


Q: Where is The Rotunda located?

The Rotunda is located in Caesars Palace on Bluewaters island at the end of Sunset Boulevard. Please click here for directions. 

Q: Where can we purchase the tickets?

Tickets may be purchased from www.rotundadubai.com or directly from the venue prior to the show. The box office opens 2 hours before the commencement of the show and closes 30 minutes after the show.

Q: What is the name of the show, what is it about and where are all the artists from?

The show is called WOW. It is an internationally-acclaimed production, more than 30 artists fly, flip, and dance through the air with breathtaking acrobatics, dazzling choreography, thrilling theatrical lighting and magnificent music. Artists are from 6 different countries as Australia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, Hungary, Poland

Q: How much do the tickets cost and what are the categories?

There are 3 ticket categories: Silver Special (limited seats only) AED100, Silver Regular starts from AED 210, Gold starts from AED 275. 

We also have dinner and beverages packages exclusively for Platinum and Platinum VIP seats.

Choose from the famous Gordon Ramsey Hell’s Kitchen or Zhen Wei Dim Sum and have

Your meal before or after the show. Not only that but our dinner packages come with drinks at the venue as well as complimentary valet parking. That’s WOW. Seats & dinner packages start at AED 370 per person.

Q: What is the seating plan for Silver, Gold and Platinum Tickets.

The seating plan can be found here on the website. Individual seat numbers cannot be reserved, seats in each area are based on a first come, first served basis.


Q: What time do doors open for the show? 

Doors to The Rotunda generally open 30 minutes before the commencement of the performance.For exact running times can be found on the individual event pages on our ticketing website.


Q: If I arrive late to the show, what is the procedure?

We will do our best to accommodate patrons who arrive late. However in order to minimize disruption, they may not be seated in the seats they have reserved, they may return to their actual seats during intermission.

Q: Are the digital tickets accepted or must they be printed out?

Digital tickets can be scanned at the door, printed tickets are accepted but are not necessary.

Q: How long is the show? Is there an intermission?

The show lasts approximately 2 hours including 20 minutes interval.

Q: What is the age limit? Is there any discount for kids or families?

All guests regardless of age must have a ticket to enter the theatre. Kids and adults’ tickets are the same price, there are no family tickets available. Most shows are appropriate for children 3 and up. Please check the website for age appropriate content.

Q: Can I upgrade, once I purchase my tickets

Once a ticket it is purchased, it cannot be upgraded on our system. However, you can purchase a new ticket of higher category and we will refund the price of the previously purchased ticket. Please note, it will take 7 – 14 working days to credit back to your account.

Q: Are there any seats with obstructed views, what are the best seats?

The Rotunda is a very intimate venue, all the seats have a non-obstructed view. However, depending on your personal preference you may prefer to be seated close, in the center or far from the stage.

Q: Do you have a cloak room?

We currently do not have a cloak room.

Q: Are food and drinks allowed inside the Theatre?

Food and drinks purchased at the venue can be taken inside.

Q: Are there any restaurants situated close to The Rotunda.

Yes, why not visit one of our amazing restaurants at Caesars Palace and Resort. Choose from a wide selection including Gordon Ramsey’s Hells Kitchen and Zhen Wei Dim Sum.

Q: Do we get any discounts on food at the restaurants if we have the Tickets.

There are no special discounts on restaurants, if you have tickets for the show. However, you can avail of one of our Platinum ticket packages which includes tickets, dinner and drinks starting from AED 370.

Q: What are the parking options available and is it free?

We have 2 options for parking: Valet parking AED 150 and self-parking. Self-parking is located in the underground purple parking zone of Caesars Bluewaters. This is approximately 10 -15 minute’s walk to The Rotunda. Entrance to the car park is from the island bridge.

Q: Can I cancel my tickets and get a full refund?

There are no refunds or exchanges of tickets. Tickets may be given to a friend if you are not able to make the show.


Q: Can you block the seats?

We do not block the seats in advance. However, you are welcome to purchase the best available seats from the venue, prior to the show. Doors open 30 minutes before commencement of the show.

Q: Is there any dress code?

We do not have a dress code at The Rotunda, comfortable clothing is acceptable. However, while visiting the hotels we recommend wearing smart casual dress.

Q: Are cameras and videoing equipment allowed inside the auditorium?

Professional cameras or videoing equipment are not permitted inside the auditorium, anyone bringing professional cameras or videoing equipment will be asked to leave them with security.

Q: How do I report a lost item at The Rotunda?

If you have lost an item at The Rotunda, please contact Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai on 

04 556 6666 and ask for the lost and found department.


Q: Can I bring strollers inside The Rotunda

Strollers are not permitted into the The Rotunda, but may be parked outside.

Q: Where can I find a list of all events happening at The Rotunda

Visit our website here for everything that is happening in The Rotunda





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