So you have waited for months to see your favourite artist, but then came the day of the event and you're standing in the queue, very eager to enter the event venue. 

But when your ticket was scanned, you found out it's invalid! All because your ticket was purchased from an unauthorised re-seller.

Here are 5 reasons why you should not buy tickets from any individual, or unauthorised ticket sellers: 

1. Unauthorised selling is illegal according to government regulations.

2. Tickets are re- sold with extremely higher prices.

3. Re-sold tickets are often fake, photoshopped or used.

4. Re-sold tickets are automatically invalid. All authentic tickets are named much like airline tickets so another person cannot use it.

5. You may not get your money back after you buy from scalpers. 

How to stay away from illegal re-sellers?

  1. Check authenticity. When in doubt, do a small research on the authenticity of the website or platform upon buying your tickets. Tickets bought from individual re-sellers through, or  are considered invalid.

  2. Buy only from authorised ticket sellers.  Tickets are usually available via official ticketing companies if you dig a bit deeper and not click on the first item on top when you search.

  3. Check the ticket prices. Before hitting the buy button, check the price you're paying for. If the tickets are extremely higher priced than the original published rates, do not buy them.

If you have any issue regarding re-sold tickets, we are happy to help you. You may contact us via:

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