If you have your event tickets on sale and would like to export ticket buyer's data to notify them about any pre-event information or use it for promotion of your upcoming events - it is very easy to do so with platinumlist organizer's panel feature. 

First you will need to log in as an organizer and select the event which you want to export database of. Click "Manage Tickets" button next to the event:

Choose "Tickets" tab from the tab menu:

When you see your ticket buyers details, scroll down to the very bottom of the page, and you will see Link Your Mailchimp Account feature. Click the button to link account:

Enter your Mailchimp username and password to link account for synchronization:

Create special list in Mailchimp account or use the existing one for data to be transferred from platinumlist sales page, and select this list from drop down menu:

When the list is chosen, click "Save" button:

Your contacts start synchronizing with your Mailchimp account's list:

You can choose customer fields you would like to export. Click "Save" button:

Information about your event's ticket buyers is now syncing and being exported directly to the chosen List in your Mailchimp account: 

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