What are the upcoming games?
Al Ain FC vs. Al Nasr FC
Date: 01 December 2017
Time: 7:30PM

What ticket categories are available, and where is each one's seats located?

First Class - 50 AED

Seating in west stand providing customers with a prime view of the pitch with access to First Class concession stands.
Ticket inclusions:
First Class seating in the west stand of stadium, First Class seating in the west stand of stadium and access to premium concession stands  (please note: food is not included)

Cat 1 - 20 AED
Seating in central east stands giving customers a great view of the pitch.
Ticket inclusions: Seat only

Cat 2 - 10 AED
Seating in the north stands of the stadium.
Ticket inclusions: Seat only

Designated area for AWAY fans only located in the south stand.

Family - 10 AED
Designated area for Families only located in the north stand.
Ticket inclusions: Seat only in exclusive family area (please note: if customers purchase tickets in this section and are not part of a family, they will be ejected from the venue with no refund)

Can you buy tickets at the venue on event day?

Limited tickets will be made available for sale at the venue should the event not be sold out prior.

If you buy tickets online, where can you collect them?

Customers purchasing online will be sent 2 emails. The first will contain a confirmation of their order, and the second email will contain their E-Ticket(s) as a PDF attachment. Customers must print the e-ticket(s) before coming to the venue.

You can get tickets from: http://bit.ly/2AcLoXL

Is there a limit as to how many tickets customers can buy?

Yes, the limit is 8 tickets per transaction.

Are there any refunds or exchanges?

Once a ticket is purchased, it is a condition of sale that there are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges. By purchasing a ticket, a customer is automatically accepting all terms and conditions on the back of the ticket. Attendees are encouraged to read the terms and conditions prior to entering the venue.

Do children need tickets?

Yes, children above 2 will require a ticket to attend the match. Children under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I bring a baby to the match? (is there an age restriction?)

Children are most welcome to football matches though it is not recommended to bring babies due to the nature of crowd behavior and the noise levels, which if excessive and over a prolonged period of time, could damage an infant’s hearing.

Can I bring a pram/stroller into the stadium? 

Strollers are not permitted into the stadium and there are no provisions for storage. Customers are urged to leave strollers in the car.

What food & beverage is available to buy in the stadium?

There are a variety of sandwiches, snacks and cold drinks available from the concession stands located around the stadium. The concession stands are independently operated (not run by the stadium).

What time do the concession stands open & close?

The concession stands are open from when the stadium doors open to the general public (generally 2 hours prior to kick off), till the end of the match.

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