Marketing data and insights are very important in creating strategies to promote your event. That is why Platinumlist's Organiser Dashboard sources data directly from Google Analytics to provide you reports on your events' performance in terms of ticket sales per channel, demographics and more.

In order to access your Organiser Dashboard, please note that you must first be granted Organiser Access.

Go to

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the header search bar. 

Once you land on your event page, click on Manage Tickets. 

Then select Statistics on the tab menu.

Select the date range of the statistics that you are intending to see, click Done then Filter.

Useful Data from the Statistics Tab

You can get a lot of very useful insights from the Statistics Tab. The colourful graph shows the trend per channel or tracking link installed on your event.

To learn how to create tracking links for your event, click here. Tracking links allow you to measure results for several marketing campaigns or mediums.

Tickets sold – Shows the total number tickets sold per day. 

Visits - Shows the total number of visitors per day.

Convertability - The graph shows convertibility of the visitors. It shows how many visits does it averagely take to make a sale (conversion).

Such figure can help you determine the demand for your event. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of sales by total amount of visitors per day.

Sales - The graph shows daily monetary sales figures

Devices - Shows the types of devices that were used to visit the webpage.

Top Referrals - Shows the websites or sources from where your page visits and conversions came from.

Top nationalities
- Shows the nationality demographics of users who bought tickets.
Top countries
- Shows countries that the visitors’ page came from.


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