Customer Feedback provides very important insights on how well your event or attraction is received by your customers. 

12 hours after the event ends, each customer who attended an event or attraction is offered to fill in an event feedback form. 

Average user experience rating - The figure combines all 5 ratings, overall experience, artist performance, food & bar, location and value for money into one average score.

How to Access the Feedbacks Page

Once you land on your event page, click on Manage Tickets. 

You will be redirected to the Organiser Dashboard.
In order to access your Organiser Dashboard, please note that you must first be granted Organiser Access.

From the tab menu, click Feedbacks.

From here, you will also be able to see each users' comments and rating. 

You can export all of these data by clicking on Export on the right hand corner of the page. 

Edit Feedback Questions 

You can also add, remove, edit question, edit order of questions directly from your Organiser Dashboard's Feedback Page. 

Simply click on Questions.
By default, Feedbacks will be enabled. 

Please note that there are some basic questions that cannot be edited or removed. These questions are essential for continuous evaluation of our Ticketing System.

To add a question, click on Add Question.
You can select between a linear scale or text type of response.

Once you are satisfied with your questionnaire, you can preview it by clicking Preview Feedback Form.


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