You can conveniently check entry status online via your Organiser Dashboard. Using the Scanning tab from your dashboard, you can do the following: 

  • Instantly know how many tickets were sold vs. the number tickets scanned at the door.

  • Set scanning mode: whether the barcodes can be scanned multiple times or one time only.

  • See the admin users who scanned tickets as well as how many tickets were scanned through their account. 

  • Export all the information related to scanning tickets.

 Please note that in order to access this dashboard, you must first be granted Organiser's Permission.

How to Access Scanning Page

Go to

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the event index search bar.

Once you land on your page, click on Manage Tickets.

Once you land on the Organiser Dashboard, click on Scanning.

TICKET CATEGORY: Shows the ticket type that was sold.

SOLD: Shows the total number of tickets scanned or used.

Select your scanning mode

Scanning mode determines the validation settings of your barcodes. It sets the mode in which the barcodes can be scanned multiple time or only once.

Soft validation: The barcodes can be scanned multiple times.
This is useful for barcodes issued to staff, to monitor how many times a staff member entered the door. Soft validation is also useful for events that allows multiple entry such as business events. The organisers need not count manually how many times people access the door, the system does the scanning for them. 

Strict validation: The barcodes can be scanned only once.
This is used for events with strict one-time entry door policy only. 


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