You can conveniently export or access your events' customer database from the Tickets Page of your Organiser Dashboard. 

Please note that in order to access this dashboard, you must first be granted Organiser's Permission. 

The Ticket Page is the master list of all ticket buyers of a specific event. This page contains loads of useful information such as the following: 

  • Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Email Address

  • Order Number - Unique number associated to every order or purchase session

  • Ticket Number - Unique number associated to every ticket, e.g. 11014227-7160048389034399845

  • Transaction Number 

  • Amount Paid - The value of each transaction, each transaction can have more than 1 ticket purchase

  • Price - The value of each ticket purchased

  • Ticket Exchange Information 

  • Entry Status - Valid or Invalid

  • Sending Status - Ticket Sent or Delayed

  • Order Status - Whether Completed or Refunded

  • Order Date - Date and Time the purchase has been made

  • Show Date - Date and Time of the event

  • Card Type - Shows the credit/deibt card used for purchase

  • Card's Issuer Country - From where the credit/debit card used for purchase is issued

  • Nationality 

  • Place of Residence

How to Access Tickets Page

Go to

Log in to your account.

Go to your event page by searching it from the event index search bar.

Once you land on your page, click on Manage Tickets.

Then from the tabs, click on Tickets.
You will be presented with a table containing information about each ticket sold. 

It is also from this table that you will see the list of customers' names and mobile numbers, as well as other demographics such as city or country place of residency and nationality.

Should you need to export these information, simply click on Export and the file will be downloaded as CSV. 

You can also customise your data view by show, date or by month.

Filtering Your Data

You can also filter your data into many different ways. The most common filters are Price, Order Status, Promo Code (specify the promo code you wish to see), Nationality.


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