1. Go to www.platinumlist.net

2. Log in to your account

3. Go to your event page.

4. Under the date selection in the right side you will find “Manage Tickets” button.

5. Click “Manage Tickets” button.

6. Now select “SALES

7. The sales will be show to you in real time in the SUMMARY tab

8. You will find:

TICKET CATEGORY - you can see the name of the ticket category

PRICE (AED) - you can see the price of ticket category

STATUS - you can see the status of the tickets in that category (on sale, sold out, stopped)

AVAILABLE - how many tickets are on sale

SOLD BY PLATINUMLIST- tickets that are sold by Platinumlist

SOLD BY ORBANIZER - tickets that are printed for organizer

GROSS (AED) - the gross amount of sales,

PRINT FEE (AED) - print fee for the tickets that were printed for you

PL FEE - the commission for sales

DTCM FEE - the tax for Dunai Toursim and Comerce Municipality

NET TOTAL - the income for you without the charges


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