Who does not love promos and discounts?

So you received a promo code from an organisation or an event company and you want to apply it for a specific event, here are the easy steps to apply promo codes upon purchasing your tickets. 

*But before you read on...*
Please note that promo codes are given by event organisers, some by companies, and in no way will be provided by Platinumlist. 

Okay, let's dive in.

Applying Promo Codes

Once you have logged in to your Platinumlist account, search for the event that you want to purchase tickets for.

On the event page, click the Buy Tickets button.

Key in your promo code on the "have a promo code" field. If successful, you will be notified that the promo code has been activated and you will see the new discounted prices. 

Click on check out and proceed to payment. (Bonus tip: Don't know how to pay your tickets online? Click here to find out how.)

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